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Sweetest nightmare.

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    The teams at the youth center with the 2 organizers, Kuya Dale (wearing a blue jersey, Franco look-alike hahaha) and beside him is Joy (wearing a white blouse with shades). We are the pioneer teams. Next year, sure na maraming sasali sa race!

    Lost Turtle Team (5th place) ;_; >:)) King, me and Froni. Di halata na suot ko rin yung eyeglasses ko. Hahaha!

    4th place. I don’t know their team name and they don’t have a group photo. So here’s a photo of their captain, Klient. :))

    3rd place. I also don’t know their team name. I don’t know their names too. Hahahaha. Gomene! :)

    YVC team, 2nd place.

    HAKUNA MATATA, FIRST PLACE. Dodong (may dextrose pa yan! hahahahaha!), Jojie and Titanne.

    Dodong found his pair of shoes and running for his life to get the first clue. Lol.

    TO CONTROL POINT 1. Getting the first clue and on the way to the first location. Halos team ko ang may photos dito since naggrab lang ako. :))

    Paparazzi style. :)) Yep, that’s me! Hihihihi. :”>

    The first time we were lost. LOL.


    WALL CLIMBING AND WORD PUZZLE. Hakuna Matata team lang kasi yung ibang photos hindi pa napopost. ;_;

    SUDOKU PUZZLE at LIT/EVSU. Wala kaming photo na nag-aanswer ng sudoku. Ang chaka langs!

    Posing for the camera while waiting for the other teams to finish sudoku. :))

    Taking a peek at the sudoku puzzle that the team ahead of us is answering. Hihihihihi. I was excited! :))



    These are only few photos from the adventure race yesterday. It’s the first part pa lang. There is part 2 pa. :))


    Story of my team’s race is posted here. :)

    Part 2 will be posted soon. Watch for it! :))


    I don’t own these photos. Jayfee's the owner. :)

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    An Waray Center for Youth Development Adventure Race // 11192011

    TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 2011. Kuya Dale posted on our Fb group asking us if who’s interested to join the adventure race organized by the AWYC members. I posted a comment saying, “Saan yan? Magaling ako dyan. Hahahaha! JOKE!”. And then Froni wanted me to join and wanted to team up with me. Hahahahaha! I was just joking then and I thought, oh well! This will be fun! So tada! I joined them. My teammates were King and Froni. I was their muse, they were my M.I.B. MEN IS BLACK. LOL.

    Actually, I was having second thoughts if I should join them since I’m scared that I might faint because I’m hypoglycemic or I might not finish the race or maybe I might hyperventilate. But since it would be a great experience, I joined and took the risks.

    SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 2011.

    Woke up at 8am, I started packing. My bag contains 2 extra t-shirts, 1 pair of shorts, underwear (cos one marshal told me that there will be swimming in the race), a bottle of water, face towel, food, and other necessities. After I finished packing, the marshal sent me a message saying, “Tinanggal na yung swimming. You’re safe.”. I was happy then because sad to say, I don’t know how to swim. But I already packed my things, kaya tinamad  na akong tanggalin yung ibang gamit sa bag ko. 

    Assembly was at YC 10AM. I left the house at quarter to 10AM. And then I went back kasi hindi magkapareha yung tsinelas na nasuot ko. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Buti na lang hindi pa ako nun nakalayo ng bahay!

    I arrived at YC around 10:30. My teammates came up with a team name and we were THE LOST TURTLE TEAM. :))

    We did a little briefing on the adventure race’s rules and regulations. They gave us an envelope containing a map, passport, pencil, ruler, and protractor. But before we begin the race, the organizers took our shoes (participants’ shoes) and hid it somewhere on the bleachers. That was our first task, I guess. So after the briefing, we left the center and looked for our shoes before we get our first clue to the control point 1.


    When we saw the clue, the first thing that popped out from our mind was The Boy Scouts of The Philippines. So we went there, walking. Sobrang layo nun galing Grandstand.

    When we were at the SPED Center, King stopped at the corner and I told him to just walk straight but he said, “Sabi nung sign DO NOT ENTER.”. Hahahaha! Natawa kami sa kanya pero dumeretso din naman siya. 

    While we were walking, we saw the photographer of the race following us. So we thought, we were right. But when we arrived at the place, no one was there. So we stopped first and we were thinking of other place that connects to the clue. Our team captain said that it might be at the cinemas (former cinemas) since Up is a movie. We went there but still no one was there. And then I said, “Baka bilihan ng boy scout uniform.”. We went there and while we’re nearing our destination, Froni was murmuring. “Up. Up. Up. GUYS! UP! University of the Philippines!”. We were laughing out loud kasi sobrang lapit na namin kanina sa UP when we were at the BSP tapos ang tagal magprocess ng clue sa amin. Tapos may sign pa yun kanina, yung tungkol sa DO NOT ENTER na sinabi ni King. Hahahahaha! So, we walked a long road again. 

    And then we arrived, around 12:30. Something like that. The photographer (Kuya Dale) was laughing at us because we were lost hence the name, LOST Turtles. We were supposedly to be the first team to arrive there, but unfortunately, we were the 4th one kasi nawala pa kami.

    The marshal gave us the 2nd clue for our next destination. NAVIGATION. We used the map, protractor, ruler and pencil to find our next location.

    CONTROL POINT 2: SW 191*, 115 cm.

    King answered the navigation. Next destination, back to Leyte Sports Development Center/Grandstand.

    We walked again. A very long road. And I thought I was giving in, pero hindi ako tumigil.

    When we reached CP 2, the task was to connect the five straws and drink a bottle of Coca-Cola without holding the bottle. Since, I was not allowed to drink softdrinks for the meantime, King drank it all. He was fast. Then off to the next control point.


    Again, we walked. OF COURSE! Since it’s prohibited to ride any transportation. And it was fine then because LIT was just nearby.

    At the time we arrived, the 2nd place team just finished the task and left. The 3rd place team was just starting. So we thought we had a chance. But the marshals said that we have to wait 20 minutes before the team that is ahead of us to finish what they were doing. We were like, this is unfair! Where’s the essence of the word “race”? But since it’s in the rules, we have to wait. While we were waiting, we had a snack break. And then I was curious to what they were answering, I took a peek. IT WAS A SUDOKU PUZZLE. I was excited because I love answering sudoku. Hihihihi. :”>

    After 20 minutes, their team haven’t finished the puzzle so they were given the next clue. I immediately took the puzzle and then started answering fast with the help of King. Our team captain, Froni, doesn’t know how to play sudoku, so he was just supporting us. We finished the sudoku for less than 10 minutes only. The marshal were shocked because we were the first team to correctly answer the puzzle and we were proud of that! HAHAHAHAHA! Honestly, it was a difficult one because the middle box/part of the puzzle has no numbers. All we were thinking was we have to make it fast. :))


    As we arrived at Bukid, the 3rd place team was answering the word puzzle. Task was that one member from the team must do wall climbing and get the next clue at the top. King did it instead of us since he’s tall and fast. As we unfold the paper, it was a word puzzle. So all we need was to find the correct words to know our next location.

    What I found were the names of other AWU team members and our expressions. Hahahaha. Like moxy, katle, poga, pogi etc.

    Our next location was Leyte Normal University.


    Just in time when we arrived in LNU, the team ahead of us left.

    The marshals quickly gave us the next clue for our next location. It was yet again, another navigation. In less than 5 minutes, King answered it without using the protractor and ruler.

    The next control point was Grandstand.

    CONTROL POINT 6: GRANDSTAND. I totally forgot the numbers something for the navigation.

    We have to do a modified sack race and need to memorize 4 lines from a certain poem that they provided and recite it at the finish line. At that time, we were now at 3rd place since we finished the sack race first. After we recited the poem, they gave us the next clue for the next destination. But before we left, the marshals told us that our packed lunch is at the kitchen. But we decided to finish the race first before we eat our lunch. Besides, we were eating biscuits and sandwiches along the way. Hehe.


    Capitol Gym. We were currently at 3rd place. The task there was to melt the ice given to us using our body heat. We took turns to melt the ice. We rubbed it in between our hands, faces, legs, arms even inside our shirts. It was refreshing. Hahahahahahaha! It took us 10 minutes to melt the ice. Our hands were numb by then. Hahahaha!


    The first place that popped up from my mind was the Philippine Postal Corporation/Post Office. I was unsure but still we went to the post office to check. While we were walking, I kept on saying 6500 but I didn’t thought that it was supposed to be at the Club 6500.

    As we arrived at the post office, no one was there. We were wrong. AGAIN.

    While we’re nearing our next destination, our team captain was complaining already. He wants to poop. Hahahahahaha! So he decided to go to his auntie’s house to have a dump and we’ll just have to go ahead of him at the club and wait for him. His plan was to sprint after he’s done with his business. :))

    When we arrived at the club, we were 2nd place. But since we were waiting for our captain to sign on the marshal’s list, we’re back at 4th place because the 2 teams arrived 5 minutes later. Then our captain arrived at last and we were given a clue.


    2 teams left to find the cards. The 2nd place team finished the task ahead of us.

    We were having a hard time looking for the cards. And then, I saw the word MABUHAY and there I found out that the cards were hidden there. I called our team captain and he was the one who found the cards. What we did was to make a three-layered pyramid using the cards. It was difficult because the cards were plastic. While we were making a pyramid, the 5th place team arrived. As soon as they arrived, the marshals said that we’re now allowed to leave. We ended up not completing the task. We were a bit disappointed. ;_;


    Back to Grandstand. My legs were starting to give in but we have to hurry. While we were on our way, I said that there must be something that we need to eat. And I was right. There were three awful-looking juices in front of us namely Green Apple, Choco na Gatas and Gatas na Choco. Lahat kami dapat uminom nun na hindi magkakapareho yung iniinom namin. I chose the gatas na choco, Froni chose choco na gatas and King chose green apple. Green apple - ampalaya; choco na gatas - liver, and; gatas na choco - intestines. It was really awful!! :|


    We thought it was People’s Center because of the book above the people. Eh kasi naman, yung People’s Center, library yung nasa taas kaya dun namin naisip yung next location.

    Nagkakasabay na lang kami ng team #5. Pareho pa kaming nagkamali. TBC lang pala.

    Pagdating namin ng TBC, we have to correctly answer 5 questions from an IQ test. After 2 or 3 minutes, we finished it. Sabay na naman kami ng team #5.


    We don’t know who’ll be the 4th or 5th place, so what we did was just have fun at the last minute of the race.

    As soon as we arrived at the location, they immediately gave us the clue. Navigation again. So we knew at once that the next location is Grandstand. Team #5 was running ahead of us. That very moment, all we wanted was to finish the race even though we’ll be the last team to arrive at the finish line.


    The task was to make 5 pins float on water. We made it though we were last. I was amazed at what was I seeing. Pins can float on water!! Hahahahaha! I hate Physics after all. Is it Physics? LMAO.


    We went outside to think. And I thought it was APO. Hahahaha! I forgot that APO stands for Alpha Phi Omega. >:))

    King kept on asking where our first location was, I said UP. But he was so unsure and asking us if we need to go there. But instead, we went inside the youth center and sat down. The marshals were asking us why we were there, then King answered, “Alpha Omega, beginning and end. Dito kami nagsimula, dito rin kami matatapos.”. They congratulated us after that. :))

    Although we were last place, the experience, fun and enjoyment were irreplaceable. My AWU teammates were proud of me. Hihihihi. Because they thought I’ll quit halfway through the race. My teammates, King and Froni, were thoughtful and caring. While on the race, they kept on asking me if I can still manage to continue the race. Even other marshals, Enteng, Kuya Dale and Earl, kept on asking me if I’m still fine. I was very thankful that they kept checking on me if I’m alright and if I can still race.

    The team that has the high FIGHTING spirit was my team. From the start til the end of the race, we were shouting, “FIGHTING!”. Every time we arrive at each control point and leave, we’ll shout “FIGHTING!”. Hahahahaha. Kaya naaalala ako ng ibang marshals kasi ako laging sumisigaw ng FIGHTING! Hahahahaha! Sorry na lang sila! Masyado akong nag-eenjoy eh. :))

    We literally define Lost Turtles. Kasi nawala kami sa tatlong control points at more on walking lang ginagawa namin. Well, we jogged and ran but most of the time, we walked. HENCE LOST TURTLES. >:))

    More or less than 6hours of walking, running or jogging around downtown, my body’s sore. I can’t even walk properly now. Pain reliever doesn’t help. Para akong bagong tuli kung maglakad. As in, sobrang sakit ng legs ko. Yung sakit nasa likod ng tuhod banda kaya di ko mabend knees ko. ;_; But the pain is all worth it! :)

    Thank you, An Waray Center for Youth Development for giving us the opportunity to join the adventure race. We really had a lot of fun despite being the LAST Lost Turtles. :)) Thank you to my teammates who were very caring! Saranghae! <3 LOL. It was really a great experience. It was the first race of my teammates, and it was my second (the first time was when I joined an amazing race back in high school). :)) Thank you also for the free lunch and dinner. And thank you King for the ride home! :)) NEXT TIME, LET’S AIM FOR WINNING! :))


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    I’ve been playing this sport for quite some time already because of my brother. It’s fun yet tiring. But once you’re into it, you’re gonna love it!

    I’m on hiatus now by the way. So, I don’t practice anymore. But I’ll be playing this coming weekend (October 22 and 23, 2011) for the Sugar Ultimate - 2nd Pull at Ormoc since we’re lacking female players for the tourney. I don’t know if I should but I promised my brother I will if he finds money to accommodate our stay and registration for the said tournament. I’m still hoping he won’t (lol) cos I’m freaking nervous because it would be my first time joining and playing in an ultimate competition. Yeah! I play but only with my teammates, not with other teams. I just know I’ll suck! Lmao. But heck! I’ll do my best! FIGHTING! :))

    Here are some photos of my teammates and other players of other teams in action since meetmysuperego wants to see some photos. Sorry dude, I don’t have a photo of me in action. LOL. I wish there is, but unfortunately, there isn’t. :(( :))

    P.S. Photos are not mine. I only grabbed photos from my teammates’ photo albums on Facebook.


    Sir Mark and Larry.

    Kenneth doing a forehand throw.

    Earl with his forehand throw and Kuya Tata guarding him.

    Gibson’s airwalk! Lol.

    Dodong ready to catch the throw while James trying to deflect the pass.

    Kuya Leo and Larry.

    Some of the boys doing a layout.

    I played that day too but like what I’ve said, I have no photo in action. Too bad! I did three “fail” layouts during our game. LOL.

    Yes! That’s my jersey number since college. So screw that teammate of mine who used my number for the upcoming Sugar Ultimate. Pffft. Oh btw, that’s my basketball jersey. LOL.


    I didn’t play because I don’t want to and I’m not confident. LOL. But I have a photo! :)) I only watched the game. :))

    HAHAHAHAHAHA. Just thought of sharing this one too! :))

    I wish I could post all photos here but if you really wanna see the other photos from the Sunday Ultimate, click here and here.

    Hope you guys like it! Enjoy! :)

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